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Experience the true power of Simplicity

TallyPrime is an integrated business management software. You can manage Accounting, Inventory, Statutory and compliance, Banking, Payroll and various other processes using Tally.
Tally is simple and designed to be used by people from non-IT and non-accounts background as well. Spending few minutes on insightful information can help business owners identify areas that require their attention.

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Features of TallyPrime


Tally Banking


Sales Management


Data Security Capabilities

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Manufacturing Capabilities

Job Work

Internet Based Capabilities

MIS Reporting Capabilities

Other Business Capabilities

TallyPrime for Business Growth

Manage your working capital effectively

When it comes to managing working capital - TIME IS MONEY. Reduce the amount of money tied up, generate more cash and borrow less money to avoid paying too much interest on working capital-as a consequence become more financially flexible and independent.

Maintain the right amount of stock at all times

Identify high and low profitability stock units, fast and slow moving items, and dead stock - in doing so, avoid over or understocking and maintain a tight grip on your cash flow.

Identify and retain your top customers

From amongst all your customers, identify high value, best performing and most profitable customers so that you may offer sppecial priveledges to retain and generate more business from them.

Fulfil orders on time

Create customer and vendow delight -track order from starts to finish, ensure timely closure of both sales and purchase orders, and pre close orders if required.

Simplify your banking processes

Reconcile your accounts with your bank, manage banking instruments and make payments electronically to keep pace with the increasing speed of commerce.

Take business decisions from anywhere

A growing business needs swift decision. Have access to your business decisions on the go. Experience efficiency wherever you are.

Operate with ease

Handling various facets of your business simultaneously is an important task as it governs how your business performs. Take control of your business processes with ease and ensure increased productivity and operational efficiency in the short and long run.

Track & manage your branch performance effectively

As your business grows and expands into multiples locations and branch offices it becomes important that your have control over operations across these locations. View consolidated performance reports, financial statements and gain last mile visibility f your sales, stock positions, expenses, and cash flows.

Manage raw material and finished goods

Classify your stock items as raw material, work in progress, finished goods and track their movement across the entire manufacturing process. This helps your know exactly where your material lies so you can plan order deliveries better and reorder stock in time.