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Tally Plugins - Do More with Tally Plugins

Are you looking for a feature that is not available in the standard TallyPrime product?
It takes experience with technology and knowledge of business to build effective plugins. And it’s just what our developers have been doing over the years.
Now introducing an exclusive place to buy these Plugins.

Get more
advanced features
with our cutting
edge Plugins

Extensions are new functionality built over default Tally features. You can extend TallyPrime with more than 800+ ready-to-plug-in extensions. You can enhance your business by adding a feature, functionality, office productivity tools, and so on by adding the extensions available in ‘Tally Shop’

Choose from an entire range of add-ons across 10 categories such as Invoicing, Workflow Management, Business Verticals, Alerts & Controls, and many more. All it takes is ONE CLICK and the Add-on is streamed into your PC, installed, licensed and immediately available for use! Buy, Install, Use…in seconds!

Starting from Rs.750, you can now easily locate, evaluate and buy these extensions from Tally Clinic.

Tally – As a Development Platform

Retain the Power of Tally

Extensions do not impact any of the core features of Tally that you love. You continue to enjoy the speed, simplicity and flexibility of your Tally

Rapid Development

Extend, Customize or Integrate your Tally fast

Plug and Play

Add or remove any extension at any given point of time without compromising data integrity and reliability


Our Top Plugins

Auto Backup

Net Rate

Negative Stock

Duplicate Supplier Inventory

HSN & GST Rate Display in Voucher

Return file Cur-Off Date for voucher Alteration

Print Stamp and signature in Invoice

Last Rate Auto Pickup