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Our mission is to create simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology to continuously improve the way people live and work.

At Sparsh, we deeply understand that simplicity, value & trust are the primary drivers for adoption of technology by people, be it an employee, supplier or consumer. We bring simplicity and continuity to a complex, everyday, problem.


We are a technology and innovation company delivering technology solutions to thousands of users across industries for almost two decades in India as well as overseas. Our team of experts delivers unmatched experience in sales, support & services. With a strong research & development division and industry leading technology partnerships, Sparsh strives to deliver innovation & excellence in making life simple & happy for our customers.


20 Years ago, Mr. Ajit Agarwal, returned back from Delhi after completing his studies at Shri Ram College of Commerce, University of Delhi, aspiring to become a Chartered Accountant. His father, Mr. Gobind Prasad Agarwal, who was then running an edible oil manufacturing plant, advised him to start a venture in the then upcoming IT Industry, rather than join his traditional styled business. This led to the birth of a technology company, in 2001. Since it inception, Sparsh has been relentlessly working to provide robust products, solutions & services to individuals & organisation in India & Overseas.

Our Mission & Vision


To apply new thinking and ideas to create simple, valuable and trusted experiences with technology to continuously improve the way our customers live and work.


"Touch" every individual or organisation with any one of our technology offerings.

Our Value, Delivering excellence in all that we do.

Act with Integrity

We have a very strong morals, and principles and following them consistently. Our act is to behave honorably with each of our client.

Customer Happiness

Our customers are happy, and are completely satisfied with the product and has absolutely no issues associated with it.

Exceed Expectations

To exceed customer expectations, you have to do something unexpected, and we withstand with that.

Inspire Innovation

We follow all the methods of innovation. We support and inspire innovative minds to help create the world better, and make happier clients.

Professional Excellence

Our professional and well experienced employees carry out the most critical things in a more smoother manner.

Invest in People

We invest our resources, well experienced employees and time in our clients and customers.